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Mission & Philosophy

Librarian reads The Book with a Hole with kindergarten students.


To inspire, through an academically challenging course of study, the intellectual curiosity, confidence, moral courage, and character that prepare students to be leaders of positive change in the world.

Grounded in the Episcopal tradition, our CORE VALUES are:
  • Academic Excellence
  • Service to Others
  • Respect for Diversity
  • Compassionate Community

The Sun

The sun reminds us to carry our traditions, aspirations, and values through each day. There is an imperfect, hand-drawn nature to our sun that represents the unique and imperfect nature of the children that we teach. We celebrate the individuality of each child and their perspective. 

The 3-Legged Stool

Scripture, Tradition and Reason are cornerstones of the Episcopal Church. A stool with three legs will collapse if any one of the legs is not equal to the others.

​​​​Woven Tapestry

Responsibility, Purpose and Spirit are the three pillars of our purpose. They weave within as behaviors that strengthen our community.

The Cross

Episcopal education is the center. An academic community that inspires students to work for equity and justice. An appreciation for themselves and others.


As teachers and faculty, we model inquiry, respect, service, and compassion. We appreciate this responsibility as it illustrates our service to others.

Our Values in Action

We teach our students the honor of SERVICE; so they may learn HUMILITY; the strength of humility so they may gain PERSPECTIVE; the power of perspective to encourage INQUIRY; the value of inquiry so they may understand INTENT; the importance of intent, so they develop RESPONSIBILITY; and with responsibility they carry APPRECIATION.

Tradition, Reason, and Scripture
purpose, responsibility, and spirit
perspective, inqiry, intent, humility, service, responsibility

School Motto

Veritas et Caritas: Truth and Love


At Episcopal Day We Believe That:
  • all children have gifts and the capacity to learn and lead
  • school must be engaging and relevant
  • process and content go hand in hand; depth is more important than broad coverage
  • to be successful academically and socially, children need a set of social skills and a moral compass
  • knowing the children and their families is as important as knowing the content we teach
  • all members of our school community deserve respect, support, and a voice; we value democracy and equity
  • families play an important role in the educational process, and
  • our school exists within a community; service to others enriches our lives and those we serve
Therefore, We:
  • serve children by building a healthy community of knowledgeable, caring and connected adults who promote a culture that fosters trust, collaboration, and commitment

  • nurture students and inspire them to grow in heart, mind, body and spirit, valuing growth as they develop to their fullest potential
  • value each child’s imagination and creativity
  • support teaching and learning through high expectations, small classes, appropriate resources, and professional growth
  • foster cooperation, self-advocacy, responsibility, empathy, and self-control
  • seek to involve families actively in their children’s education and school life
  • create classrooms that offer students the safety to take risks

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We are an inclusive community.

Uniquely Episcopal

Students develop an appreciation for themselves and others.

Our Traditions

The things we remember most about our school days are the friendships, traditions, events, and celebrations.