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2024 Donut Day

2024 Donut Day

From: February 28, 2024

This past Wednesday,  our community came together on Mustang Meadow for our third annual Donut Day event. While we take advantage of any chance to come together as a community at Episcopal Day, this recent tradition is extra special in that it not only allows us to gather as a community but also supports a good cause. Proceeds from this year’s event were dedicated to supporting the African Library Project, a cause near and dear to our librarian, Mr. Paulson, who has championed the initiative for nearly a decade. 

The African Library Project hopes to change lives, book by book, together with partners from different countries in Africa and several volunteers across North America, to create, improve, and sustain libraries in different countries and communities throughout the continent. As we celebrate DEI Highlights Week on campus and we highlight various change-makers throughout history, it is important to inspire our students to think deeply about the world around them in significant ways that allow them to be the change they wish to see in the world. 

Another one of the highlights of the day was the raffle! From giant teddy bears to movie tickets, the raffle added an extra layer of excitement to the event, while also raising additional funds for the African Library Project. Students had the chance to win pizza parties for their classes and additional free dress days and winners were announced by our middle school and lower school division directors, Doug Jolly, and Katie McDougall. 

As the morning drew to a close, and the last crumbs of delicious donuts were savored, there was a sense of fulfillment and pride in what had been accomplished. Through our collective efforts, we had not only enjoyed a day of camaraderie and indulgence but had also come together to make a tangible difference and support our librarian in his support of a wonderful initiative. 

In reflecting on our third annual Donut Day event, it is clear that it was more than just a celebration of sweets; it was a celebration of community, generosity, and the power of collective action. As we look forward to future iterations of this beloved tradition, we aim to continue embracing the spirit of giving to make a positive impact in the world as we teach our students to become leaders of positive change. 

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our parent volunteers including the DSPA for all that they do to make events and community gatherings like this one possible.   


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