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2024 Mustang Discovery Night

2024 Mustang Discovery Night

From: February 1, 2024

At Episcopal Day, Mustang Discovery Night is a unique opportunity for parents and guardians to step into the world of their students and witness the incredible journey their children undertake throughout the academic year. This internal open house not only allows parents and guardians to explore the various classrooms, but also provides a platform to interact with student work and delve into the fascinating realm of science through the annual middle school Science Fair. 

Families were invited to tour our campuses, explore classrooms, and converse with faculty members. Parents and guardians had the chance to view projects, interact with student art-work, read student writing, and witness firsthand the dynamic learning environment that shapes their child's educational experience at Episcopal Day. From colorful artwork to well written essays, science projects to presentations, the corridors came alive with the creativity and dedication of our students. Each year, we hope this experience allows our families  to gain insight into the curriculum, teaching methodologies, and the overall progress of their child. 

Last Thursday night also held a special treat for our guests, as the annual middle school Science Fair where budding scientists showcased their innovative experiments and findings was in full swing. This portion of Mustang Discovery Night has become a yearly tradition at Episcopal Day, and serves as a platform for students to hone their presentation skills while sharing their passion for science with the school community. All  were encouraged to visit each exhibit, ask questions, and witness the enthusiasm and curiosity that inspired the students’ projects. 

Guests were also invited to explore the classrooms that their students will join in the upcoming years. Every year, we hope this sneak peek into future academic spaces allows our parents and guardians to gain a better understanding of the learning environment and teaching methods at Episcopal Day, fostering a sense of connection, continuity, and involvement in their child's overall educational journey.

Beyond the academic aspect, Mustang Discovery Night is one of the many incredible ways we all get to come together as a community. It provides a platform for families , teachers, and students to come together, fostering open communication and collaboration. The event also offers a unique sense of school spirit, and pride as we all get to witness the collective achievements, and progress made by the school community.

Thank you to all those who could join us! Mustang Discovery Night was a celebration of learning, innovation, and community, and we can’t wait to welcome you all next year. 

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