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This Year's Chapel Talks

This Year's Chapel Talks


It's really easy to forget that our eighth graders are only eighth graders when they step up to the lectern to deliver their Eighth Grade Chapel Talks, but one needs only look to see that the wise speakers that step up to share their knowledge with our community on a regular basis are in fact kids. We say “kids” not to diminish the power and strength of childhood, but rather to call out the beauty of the fact that though our students may be young, their words carry a lot of weight and the wisdom embedded in their talks truly do reverberate throughout our community in more ways than one. They are willing to and encouraged to step outside of themselves and their comfort zones in order to reflect deeply on the world around them, and share their findings with their community. That is beautiful. And, when filtered through the beauty and innocence of a child’s mind, the possibilities for knowledge become endless, even for us adults with our years and years of experience. 


This year's Chapel Talks have been infused with wisdom and grace beyond our students' years, and we couldn't be more proud. From learning to embrace positivity in our endeavors, to embracing the ever changing nature of life and big questions about selfhood and community, our students have tackled everything and gracefully shared their knowledge with us.


Chapel Talks are truly one of the highlights of an Episcopal Day education, and our students are the best representatives we could ask for. Even better than our Chapel Talks though? The way our community comes together to rally behind and champion our eighth graders after they give their talks! Swipe through the gallery below for some smiles from this year. 


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