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Three Pre-Kindergarteners making playdough

Forming a foundation for a lifetime.

sparkING inquisitive nature.

Our exceptional faculty engages children's innate curiosity. Students grow awareness of diverse perspectives and build a capacity for empathy. It's a foundation to sustain inquiry and an active sense of social responsibility. 

Our Faculty: In Their Own Words

Empowering Through Continuity & Community

Ages four to fourteen are formative years in a child’s life. Here at Episcopal Day we provide a close-knit community where your child is fully seen, known, and nurtured by caring faculty and staff who are invested in the development of every child. Cultivating meaningful relationships with peers and exceptional educators over a significant duration of time creates a caring environment unlike any other.

This enriched environment cultivates the self-confidence to try new things, take risks, and approach challenges with courage and grace. Students find their voice, grow awareness of diverse perspectives, and build a fuller capacity for empathy.

An older peer helps a 1st grade student with a school project.

Students enjoy activities with students across grade levels as part of our School Families program.

Student Karlis McBride giving his eighth grade Chapel Talk.

Karlis giving his eighth grade Chapel Talk.

Learning to Lead

Students at Episcopal Day have more leadership opportunities than their peers at standalone elementary and middle schools or K-12 schools. Fourth grade students blossom into leaders of Lower School, facilitating assemblies and events while setting examples of strong public speaking and group facilitation skills. Buddy programs including Reading Buddies and Chapel Buddies allow younger children to look up to their older peers, while empowering older students to be seen as leaders with a responsibility to model appropriate behavior. As the capstone experience of the eighth grade year, each student leads a Chapel Talk to share their lessons from personal experience and inspire schoolmates through vulnerability and wisdom.

Preserving Childlike Wonder and Curiosity

A pre-kindergarten to eighth grade education at Episcopal Day provides students with the gift of time to learn about themselves and the world around them. Children connect with peers across grades and age groups, promoting a schoolwide sense of community, and making key social skills like empathy and kindness a part of the day-to-day experience at Episcopal day. 

The innate curiosity of our children is preserved by the continued comfort of a loving community, combined with the excitement that accompanies milestones such as the fourth grade trip to Gold Country, or starting Middle School courses in the middle school building and opening your first locker as a middle school student. Students grow into confident, empathetic, and engaged role models.

Pre-K students converse with a puppet, Bernie the Firefighter

Pre-Kindergarten giggle with glee as they enjoy a special visit from Bernie the Firefighter in Mr. Paulson's library.

Explore the Curriculum

Discover why our students are excited to come to school. All of our programs are designed to develop skills and positive attitudes toward learning that carry our graduates forward for life. 


We provide a rich play-based curriculum that keeps children creatively engaged.


Learning opportunities are designed to advance intellectual skills and curiosity.

Grades 1-4

Students learn to ask questions and make discoveries.

Grades 5-8

Studies expand beyond academics to build confidence.