Grades 5-8

The Arts

Visual Arts

The opportunity for creative expression is vital to nurturing innovation, creativity and confidence in our students.

Studio art incorporates production, art criticism and art history. Cross curricular projects begin in fifth grade with cave paintings in the style of Lascaux, landscapes of Yosemite in seventh grade and line art portraits of US presidents in eighth grade. A variety of two- and three-dimensional media are explored including clay, stained glass, silk and metals as well as more traditional art mediums.


The beat goes on!
Building on the exposure and learning from the lower school music program, the middle school music curriculum introduces more formal music concepts. Rhythm, beat, and tempo are practiced in a more theory based setting. Students listen to various genres of music and begin to listen for patterns. A variety of instruments are explored and students experiment with composing and performing.


There is an important role for everyone, either on stage or behind the scenes.
The drama program has two components: class instruction that all students receive and extra-curricular performances that are optional and by audition. Each student has drama class for one semester each year, where improvisation, voice, body movement and art critique are explored. Students also have the opportunity to audition and partake in a large-scale production once during the year as part of the extracurricular drama program. There is one play for fifth and sixth grades and another for seventh and eighth grades.

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