Grades K-4

The Arts

Visual Arts

Art is all around us and tells a story. As Albert Einstein stated, “creativity is intelligence having fun.”

Teachers present opportunities, often supporting classroom curriculum, for students to be creative in a stimulating art environment where process is valued over product. Students gain confidence in expressing individual ideas and feelings through drawing, painting and sculpture as their cognitive skills develop. Aspects of art history are integrated into the program through a variety of media. A highlight each year is to see their creativity on display during our annual Art Show.


Music is a vibrant component of our educational program, and the goal is to inspire a love of music.

Students are exposed to music from different geographic and ethnic regions, thus gaining a better understanding of various musical styles, languages and cultures. Music theory is introduced in an age-appropriate manner, and students learn and create rhythmic patterns, by playing a variety of instruments, such as rhythm sticks, maracas, shakers, bells, triangles, tonal bells and keyboards. Junior Choir is introduced in grades three and four. Junior Choir leads the school in song during lower school chapel, performs off campus at special events and joins the middle school Chapel Choirs for special occasions.


An exciting outcome of students participating in drama class is amazingly confident young people who are willing to take risks in class and in front of an audience.

Drama class provides a creative outlet for self-expression and role playing. Beginning in third and fourth grades, the students become comfortable onstage experimenting through improvisation, performing scenes, and learning how to be a team through dramatic and silly games and exercises.

Fourth Grade Thespians: In the first semester of the school year, students develop a fun, entertaining show that brings together drama and music and transports the audience to a different place and time. They rehearse scenes, music, and line delivery, as well as staging and visual effects, for the play. 

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