Physical Education

“Can we all fit underneath the parachute?” The children love ending their PE classes with challenging games that allow them to use strategy and teamwork, working through obstacle courses that challenge every ability level.

In PE class, play targets some specific goals: developing large and small muscle coordination through strength building activities, endurance, balance and hand-eye coordination. Group skills, cooperation and teamwork are practiced both in PE class and during free play.


A visit from the librarian is a special part of the week. Arriving with many of the students’ favorite books, he reads with spirited animation, funny sounds and gestures. Everyone especially loves it when he reads the book a second time.

Research has shown time and again that reading aloud to children increases the likelihood of academic success, and leads to a broader vocabulary that enhances social skills. Our school librarian visits each class weekly for story time and several times during the school year the students visit the Baldwin Campus to spend time in the main Library. The ECC shares a large selection of books in their Bear Tracks Library that are used for student check-out and classroom reading.

World Language

Singing, clapping, movement and stories keep the Spanish class lively and create the perfect environment for immersing the students into a world of new sounds and expressions. Some of the words sound strange, but everyone giggles together.

Spanish songs, games and stories expose our young learners to the sounds and cultures of Spanish speaking people. Through repetitive oral language expression, the students become comfortable and open to expressing themselves in a new language. 


What fun it is to walk over to the big school and visit Chaplain Amber’s classroom. Simple bible stories, songs and movement help bring the lessons to life for the students.
Children attend a weekly chapel together once a week on the Baldwin Campus. With singing, simple prayers, and developmentally appropriate children’s stories, the students are introduced to the basic concepts of religion, God, prayer, spirituality, and morality. Grounded in the Episcopal tradition, lessons and prayers are inclusive and teach respect for the diversity of beliefs and practices among the students. Learn more.

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