The Arts

Visual Arts

Kids love painting and they love butterflies! When they use the paint symmetry technique, students are eager to see what happens when they squeeze colors on to half the paper, fold it, squish and rub. No matter the color combination, they always say their pictures looks like butterflies when they are opened. And they do!

The art program values process over product and the students participate in a wealth of projects, both self-directed and in groups. Special art projects are available daily during Learning Choice time and they always have access to a coloring and craft center with supplies like markers, scissors, craft sticks, yarn, puff balls, glue, foam shapes to create their own individual works of art.


Music, song and movement are part of every day in pre-kindergarten. “Catalina Magdalena Hoopensteiner Wallendiner Hogan Logan Bogan Was Her Name” is a favorite song that lets students be silly as they develop language skills. 

Walk into the classroom on any given day and you will be welcomed with the sounds of music! The children play instruments and sing songs that build memory skills through repetition, rhymes and finger plays. These activities foster language development and build vocabulary, but most of all, they are a fun way to learn! 

Dramatic Play

Acting out characters and scenes from stories, fairy-tales and poems bring language and literature to life for the children. Little Miss Muffet and the spider sitting beside her are very popular drama characters as the students take turns acting out the poem. 

Dramatic play is a key developmental activity for this age children. Parents join the students for a cup of tea in the doll house area or dawn a cape and take off with the super heroes as they tackle new challenges.

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