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Students and faculty in Chapel

Chapel is our gathering space where students, faculty, and staff come together to self-reflect and feel a sense of connection. In taking time to simply pause and learn from one another, we develop a stronger sense of self and identity, and a realization that we are each an integral part of a larger whole. By the time that students graduate from Episcopal Day, they know who they are and what they are capable of, and how to approach themselves and others with love and compassion.

What is Chapel like at Episcopal Day?

In Chapel we sing together, learn from one another and about the religious traditions of the world, share our ideas and community announcements, and pray for the world, those in need, and each other. 

Watch the video below to hear students, parents, and faculty speak about what Chapel is like at Episcopal Day. 

Student smiles and carries the Episcopal Day School of St. Matthew Chapel banner

Chapel Schedule

  • Grades 1-8: Mondays and Thursdays
  • Grades 5-8: Tuesdays
  • Pre-K: Wednesdays
  • Grades K-4: Fridays

Student Choirs Lead Song

Episcopal Day choirs lead songs during Chapel services and perform at special Chapel services including Christmas and Spring Chapel. Junior Choir is a chorus of third and fourth grade students who rehearse once per week before school and lead weekly lower school chapel services. Chapel Choir is a chorus of fifth through eighth grade students who meet one morning per week before school and lead multiple chapel services each week. 

Students Become Leaders in Chapel

Students in third through eighth grade serve in Chapel as acolytes, ushers, and lead the school in readings and prayers. This opportunity provides valuable public speaking experience and builds their confidence.

8th Graders Share Their Wisdom

As the capstone experience of the eighth grade year, students lead a Chapel Talk where they share their lessons from personal experience to inspire schoolmates through vulnerability and wisdom. Topics have included:

  • Stories and reflections of overcoming racial adversity and imposter syndrome
  • Being empowered by and learning to live with cognitive, emotional, and/or physical ableism including dyslexia, depression, and anxiety
  • Overcoming perfectionism and disappointment 
  • How to be an advocate for yourself and others

Eighth graders become powerful voices of leadership in our community, emulating qualities of vulnerability and self-acceptance. The talks are also a wonderful opportunity for classmates to show support and commend accomplishments of their classmates by exclaiming “good job!”, and “congratulations!”, offering a smile, giving an ‘elbow bump’, or a high-five. 

Spiritual Growth Leads to Purpose and Responsibility

We believe that people grow in heart, mind, and spirit. Gathering together in Chapel fosters this growth, connects us, and nurtures our sense of purpose and responsibility. Spirituality is about seeking a meaningful connection with something greater than ourselves, whether that be our school community, our broader Bay Area community, our planet Earth, or God. By developing spiritually, we gain compassion, a sense of meaning in life, and inspiration to serve those in need.

Inclusive Worship is Rooted in Episcopal Tradition

The goal of Chapel is to nurture the spiritual development of all students, who bring with them a wide range of religious and non-religious beliefs. We welcome and affirm students from all faith traditions and those who do not have a background of faith. We draw our songs and prayers from many traditions present in our community, and celebrate the holidays of many religions, all while resting on the Episcopal foundation of our school. 

Beyond the Classroom

Students are encouraged to explore the world outside their comfort zones.


At Episcopal Day, everyone plays!

Learning Center

The Learning Specialist and School Counselor provide additional academic and emotional support for students.