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Student Leadership

8th grade student smiles

We believe a child is to be seen, heard, and appreciated.

Self-esteem and self-respect grow when a school has the intention to know a student's unique characteristics. In this way, a student gains the courage for public speaking and self-advocacy which are  powerful tools in their education.

Kindling the Confidence of Young Leaders

Faculty and students set each day in motion by beginning with Morning Meeting in pre-kindergarten through fourth grade. Morning Meeting is a time to say hello to your teacher(s) and each classmate by name, reflect, and set the mood for the day. Each student having the opportunity to speak, share, and reflect in a friendly, playful, supportive circle of classroom family ignites inner confidence to speak to and in front of peers.

In addition to Morning Meeting, classmates have the opportunity to share their projects and artwork at Lower School and Middle School assemblies. After members of each grade present their work, peers show support by clapping, giving a thumbs up, and offering a smile.

Young child laughing

Growing Voices in Chapel

Students in third through eighth grade serve in Chapel as acolytes, ushers, and lead the school in readings and prayers. Student athletes also provide updates about games to their peers through Chapel announcements. Whether the game was won or lost, the student body responds with applause and exclaims, “Go Mustangs!” These opportunities provide valuable public speaking experience and build confidence.

Student reading at Chapel.

Empowering Students to Lead Assemblies

Fourth and eighth graders exude confidence, bravery, and vulnerability as they model proper behavior and public speaking skills for their younger classmates to emulate. 

4th grade students lead a lower school assembly.

Cultivating a Spirit of Service and Social Justice 

The middle school Social Justice Club is co-led by students with the goal of growing awareness of social justice issues within and beyond our community while taking action to create positive change.


Social Justice Club members

Joining Together in Pursuit of Extra-Curricular Interests

In addition to the Social Justice Club, many clubs are designed and co-led by middle school students. Each club has a balanced mix of students in fifth through eighth grade who come together to explore extra-curricular interests in a fun and non-graded environment. Students recently developed a student newspaper, the ED-ITORIAL, that includes student-written articles about athletics, politics, and entertainment as well as comics and polls.

The Toys For Pets Clubs is creating door tugs for service dogs.

The Toys For Pets Clubs shared a visit with service dogs and owners from Canine Companies. 

Canine Companions visits the Toys For Pets Club.

Board Game Club

Chess Club

Knitting Club

Friendship Bracelet Club

Cards and Hamsters Club

3D Paper Making Club

3D Paper Making Club

Shining in School Productions

Stories and characters come alive as Lower and Middle School students have the opportunity to participate in spring productions directed by our very own Mr. Bazar and Ms. Samta.

Episcopal Day transformed into Grover’s Corner as Mustang actors performed Thorton Wilder’s classic, Our Town.

Fourth grade students brought the story of an ancient Egyptian female pharaoh to life as they performed Hatshepsut, directed by Ms. Samta. 

Third Grade had all the silly answers to classic fairy tale stories as they performed a Reader's Theatre style play of Character Matters.

All pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students participate in the annual Christmas Pageant, where they tell the story of baby Jesus through fun songs and scenes narrated by fourth grade peers.

Sharing Eighth Grade Wisdom

As the capstone experience of eighth grade, students lead a Chapel Talk where they share their lessons from personal experience to inspire schoolmates through vulnerability and wisdom. Topics have included:

  • Stories and reflections of overcoming racial adversity and imposter syndrome

  • Being empowered by and learning to live with cognitive, emotional, and/or physical ableism including dyslexia, depression, and anxiety

  • Overcoming perfectionism and disappointment 

  • How to be an advocate for yourself and others

Eighth graders become powerful voices of leadership in our community, emulating qualities of vulnerability and self-acceptance. The talks are also a wonderful opportunity for classmates to show support and commend accomplishments of their classmates by exclaiming “good job!”, and “congratulations!”, offering a smile, giving an ‘elbow bump’, or a high-five. 

Service Learning

The best leaders are those who serve others.


We come together to self-reflect and feel a sense of connection.

Beyond the Classroom

Students are encouraged to explore the world outside their comfort zones.